Lyrics from "Pharaoh, Pharaoh"                

Pharaoh, Pharaoh
Music by Richard Berry, lyrics unknown. Additional lyrics by Mah Tovu (Brodsky/Chasen/Zweiback).
CHORUS: Pharaoh, Pharaoh, whoa baby, let my people go! (2x)
A burnin' bush told me just the other day
That I should go to Egypt and say,
"It's time to let my people be free -
Listen to God if you won't listen to me!"

Well me and and my people goin' to the Red Sea,
With Pharaoh's best army comin' after me.
I took my staff, stuck it in the stand,
And all of God's people walked on dry land.

Now Pharaoh's army was a-comin' too,
So whattaya think that God did do?
Had me take my staff and clear my throat,
And all of Pharaoh's army did the dead man's float.

Well that's the story of the stubborn goat.
Pharaoh should've know that chariots don't float.
The lesson is simple, it's easy to find,
When God says, "GO!" you had better mind!

Guitar chords: E                   A   Bm       A                E             A  Bm  A
                    Pharaoh, Pharaoh, whoa baby, let my people go!             (2x)

(Chord pattern repeats through entire song)

Steve Brodsky: Lead and background vocals
Ken Chasen: Lead and background vocals
Josh Zweiback: Lead and background vocals
John Hatton: bass
Bill Severance: drums
Sterling Smith: keyboards
Craig Stull: electric lead guitar

Produced and arranged by Gordon Lustig
Engineered by Joe Milton
Mixed by Joe Milton and Gordon Lustig
Recorded at JoMusik Studio, Van Nuys, CA, February 1999
Mastered by Danny McKinney at Requisite Masters, Glendale, CA.
Cover artwork, graphic design, and typesetting by Steve Brodsky
Photography by Mah Tovu and Gordon Lustig

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