Sex in Ancient Egyptian:

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Egyptians believed that radishes were aphrodisiacs. Lettuce has been described a the Viagra of the Egyptian era. The sexual genitalia of animals was believed to promote youth and sexual vigor. Body paste and facial creams were made of calf penises and vulva's.

Men and women shown embracing on tomb murals and the like were regarded as married or having sexual relations a
nd there was an understanding their erotic life would continue in the afterlife.

The ancient Egyptians performed circumcisions and had an initial ritual after it was done and had erotic dancing. There are some references to fetishism and masochism in Egyptian writings. Nose kissing appears to have been popular. In some reliefs Ramses II is pictured with a big dick and strong erection.

To keep from having babies, Egyptian women were advised to inset a mixture of honey and crocodile dung in their vagina. The honey may have acted as a temporary cervical cap but the most effective agent was acid in the dung that acted as the world's first spermicide.

Methods of birth:

Methods of birth control mentioned in the Petri's Papyrus (1850 B.C.) and Eber Papyrus (1550 B.C.) included coitus interrupts and coitus obstructs (ejaculating into a bladder inserted in a depression at the base of urethra).

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Sex:

Nut was the sky-goddess. She was the great mother who held up the canopy of the sky. From her breast poured the Milky Way. In one tomb painting she is shown with her legs spread and her lover Geb, with an erect penis, reaching for her. Pharaohs often claimed to be the offspring of Nut and Geb, or as Pepi II put it from "between the thighs of Nut."

Min, the god of sexual fertility, appeared in both human form and as an erect phallus. It was no surprise that he was worshiped by a fetish cult similar to one that honored Dionysus (Bacchus) in Greece. Geb was the Earth god. He is sometimes depicted with an erect penis and was sometimes represented by a crocodile.

According to legend Osiris was originally a local fertility god in southern Egypt. He was slain by his evil brother Seth and had his body parts scattered all over the world. In one version of the story his body was torn into 14 pieces and all of them were found except one piece—Osiris’s penis.
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