Steps of Mummification

1. The brain and internal organs were removed and
placed into canopic jars

2. The heart was left inside of the body because the Ancient Egyptians believed the heart controlled all thoughts, memories and intelligence. 
3. The body was covered in a salty substance called natron then left to dry 

out for 40 days.

4. The body was then filled with sawdust to lessen the limp and lifeless appearance

5. The body was then bathed in wine and
spices, wrapped in linen and left for an 

additional 30 days

6. Once mummified, the bodies were placed in a 

mummy case, then in a coffin and then in a 


· Both the coffin and sarcophagus were elaborately 


· Pets were also mummified 

· Some people could not afford large tombs so they 

were buried in shallow graves – the hot dry sand 

preserved them naturally